A welcomed new cuisine to Asbury Park. Chef Sami and Eric are very friendly. The restaurant is immaculate. The food was excellent and well thought out. He gives a great mix of traditional "street" food that is delicious and well portioned. The appetizers are also excellent and well seasoned. The Lebanese lemonade hit the spot. As for dessert, the baklava was fresh and a large portion, crunchy and perfectly balanced. We left completely satisfied with full bellies and leftovers for later. Will be returning many times over.

★★★★★ | Abeer Elessawi

very clean restaurant with nice ambience and friendly staff. open until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays which is convenient for people like me who like to stay out late. food is very delicious and well-priced

★★★★★ | Kelly

The food is amazing. Staff along with management were warm and friendly. I highly recommended the Kafta with the garlic sauce. It's too die for! Clean, very clean. You will enjoy the experience.

★★★★★ | Keith Henley

Went in with low expectations and was BLOWN away... bangin wings and the chicken with rice was NO JOKE. Thanks for coming to Asbury! We are tired of fancy hipster pizza with honey

★★★★★ | Peter Calabrese

So good! The wings were delicious and cooked perfectly. From the Tapenade to the Lebanese rice to the falafel to the beef Shawarma and French fries, everything was great! Can't wait to come back and come back hungry!

★★★★★ | Stephanie Vazquez

Great food and service. Fresh and unique for Asbury Park. Must check out. New treasure.

★★★★★ | Marc Chandler

What a great first experience! The owner, Sammi, was welcoming and accommodating to us. Food was dynamite. I had the Philly, it was light and a good size, my GF got the hummus and that was my favorite. The restaurant is a mix of French and Lebonese, think healthy and small quick bites. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to try a new spot in Asbury

★★★★★ | Daylon Bennett

This place is amazing. Food was awesome, had lots off the menu... We had a couple wraps, greek salad, even the wings and cheesesteaks are different than any other I've had. Flavor in everything!

Kids loved it, loved Sami... We wish them all the best this summer. We will be back! New favorite spot.

★★★★★ | Jesse Gioulis

Delicious, open till 3, young owner putting everything he's got into it and he deserves for you to at least give him a shot. Gorgeous mural in the back of the store, great interior design. Forget windmill, come here for your late night food smash

★★★★★ | Jersey Representing

First time here and I was impressed. The place had a great atmosphere, the staff is helpful, and the food was really good. I had the Falafel but will be back to try more.

★★★★★ | Anthony Mennie