Our Beginnings

The first step toward the opening of Sami's was taken in December 2017 when Sami Saab, a French Chef, returned to Asbury Park New Jersey, a city Sami frequented as a student a decade earlier. Sami has since had a longing desire to share his experience of Mediterranean Street Food with the diverse Asbury Park community.

Meet Our Chef, Sami Saab

Sami was born in Lebanon, lived in the South of France for most of his life and attended college in the U.S. His parents, of Lebanese descent, were born and raised in Senegal. His diverse cultural background has inspired his culinary journey to incorporate the flavors of Lebanese, Italian, and Southern French street food into the American fast food pallet. Sami's mission is to have his patrons travel around the Mediterranean on a gustative discovery. He makes every dish with fresh ingredients and delights our customers with delicious, authentic meals with fast service and moderate prices.

In keeping with local interpretations of Mediterranean inspired cuisine, Sami's offers traditional food as well as original dishes from every corner of the Mediterranean basin-Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Lebanon.

Using modern French culinary techniques, a sous-vide method, and ten years of culinary experience in the best French and Lebanese restaurants, Sami designed a simple and diverse menu, tasty for sophisticated pallet, wholesome for the hungry, nutritious for the healthy, and affordable for all.